Make Money Typing from Home

Can you truly make money with your typing and computer skills working from home?

Yes, there are many opportunities to make money typing from home. But be very aware to not fall into one of the many online typing scams. Don’t trust anyone who claims you’ll make thousands per day with an online typing job. Don’t get me wrong, you can make a very good income with your at home typing skills.

To participate in the trustworthy typing jobs listed below, you will need a computer with a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and a decent printer. And you’ll need some basic typing skills.

Just beware of the online typing job scams. You can truly make money typing from home by establishing yourself as a freelance typist and providing a diversification of typing services.

Below are some legitimate typing opportunities:

Secretarial Opportunities
A secretarial service offers typing, word processing, transcription, data entry typing, and administrative support services for a multitude of companies. Data entry typing may allow for inputing addresses and printing on mailing labels.

Typing jobs for secretarial services involve typing resumes, proposals, invoices, etc. No formal training is required to start a secretarial business.

Medical Transcription Work
Secretarial businesses may also include business transcription which is dictation typing. No formal training required here either. If you are looking to make money typing from home, you may have looked into medical transcription work. Tasks for this service include typing reports a health care professional dictates regarding the medical history of a patient. This requires knowledge of medical terminology that you can learn from a transcriber and reference books.

Legal Transcription Services
To participate in legal transcription work, you will need to know legal terminology. A legal transcriptionist types dictations for attorneys and lawyers in court. Some prior experience in the legal field is very important if you decide to become involved in legal transcription work.

Virtual Assistants
A virtual assistant provides administrative and typing services. Work from Home virtual assistants can provide their services to companies through the Internet, phone, fax, and/or email. They need to have good knowledge on the Internet and sometimes require additional technical skills than basic secretarial work.

Resume Writers
A resume writer types and enhances existing resumes in addition to typing new resumes. You may need good writing and grammar skills and word processing skills.

Companies and organizations are always in need of individuals who provide typing services.